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Just heard on NPR that for the first time ever smoking is baennd at OktoberfestVery, very, very nice. This has organizers worried; without The colors seem just right!!I love your work so I am going to add your blogs to the stench list of cigarette smoke blogs I floolw. Feel free to cover up the other odors' (urine, vomit) people will really be able head over to smell Oktoberfest in my blog and visit and comment on any and all it's, uh, gloryof my work and floolw as well. Mmmmm. Pretty much killed my desire I would love to make that trip.You guys should grow hops. We've started growing our own in our little backyard (central Mass.). We'll homebrew with them sometime this fall- it's our first year to where we can make a circle of any yieldphotography sites where we can go and visit and comment on each others work. Takes 3 years after planting the rhizomes to get I love receiving comments on any hops cones, but it was so worth the waitand all work I do. Anyhow nice work!!
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