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Chinesischer Turm

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On weekends brass-bands perform live on the first floor of the tower. Major football tournaments are shown on large screens in the beer garden. WLAN is provided to all guests.
[[File:Chinesischer Turm 058.jpg|600px]]
A highlight of Chinesischer Turm is the yearly ''Kocherlball'' which is held in memory of the cooks and servants of the noble families of the 19th century. In the late 19th century, up to 5,000 Munich servants met during the summer months every Saturday morning for a dance at the Chinese Tower. Usually they met before work between 4am and 5am. Today the Kocherlball takes place on the 3rd Sunday in July between 5.30am to 10am (if the weather is bad a week later). The ball attracts thousands of participants, many of which wear historical outfits and Bavarian costumes.

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