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The main building exists since 1898 and has always included a restaurant. During World War II, the hall of the first floor functioned as a military hospital. The [ Neues Rex] cinema, one of the oldest cinemas in Munich, is located in the same building and many viewers enjoy a [[Maß]] in the beer garden before or after a movie.
The beer garden which opened in 1995 has about 400 seats, divided by one third in the self-serviced area and two thirds in the served area. Almost all seats are shaded by large chestnut trees. Guests of the self-serviced area can sit on traditional beer garden benches. The food stall of the self-serviced area offers Bavarian meals, such as [[Obatzda]], [[Wurstsalat ]] (sliced sausages in sausage salad with vinegar), Leberkäse (liver loaf) and [[spareribs]].
The beer served is [[Löwenbräu]] and a Maß Hell (lager) costs €6.50 (April 2012). Alternatively, guests can buy a [[Franziskaner]] Weißbier ([[Weißbier|wheat beer]]).

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