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Traditional wooden beer benches and tables offer place for 1,500 guests below a cluster of large and dense chestnut trees. The [[Paulaner]] Hell (lager) costs €6.90 p/[[Maß]] (April 2012). <!--A summer menu special for groups of minimum 10 people is an own beer barrel placed at your table and freshly grilled spare ribs.--> Despite the fact that Rosengarten was built especially for a garden show, it was lacking in traditional Bavarian beer garden style and was unfortunately a bit run down. As of June 2012, Rosengarten has a new management and improved visibly. Amongst other changes, there is a new pretzel and [[Steckerlfisch]] stall. Furthermore are regular music events planned. Nearby attractions include a Japanese pagoda and Seebühne, an open-air cinema and concert venue.
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