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Gasthaus zur Mühle

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The beer garden is divided into two sections, the self-serviced area and the serviced area. The serviced area is located next to the restaurant building. Typical beer garden benches stand partly under large trees. The beer benches of the self-serviced area stand on a grassland across a small street. Unfortunately, the self-serviced area lacks some atmosphere. It functions more as a resting point for bikers and hikers. However, guests of both sections have views onto the Isar and the by-passing raft-trips. Timber rafting in the Mühltal started in the 12th century to transport wood and other goods. Today, raft trips on original wooden rafts are a popular adventure during the rafting season from May to September. The raft route leads from Wolfratshausen to Munich (Thalkirchen). Depending on the water level, the raft-trip takes about six to eight hours at a speed of 30 kilometres/hour. A highlight of the tour is Europe's longest raft-slide just outside the Gasthaus zur Mühle. Quite often, participants of such raft trips stop at the beer garden for a chilled beer and something to eat.     with the longest raft slide of Europe. and the by-passing raft-trips

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