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Schloßwirtschaft Oberschleißheim

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'''The Schloßwirtschaft Oberschleißheim is located within the grounds of the Oberschleißheim Castle. The property has a long history, starting as and was originally a farm where the founder of [[Hofbraühaus]] settled for his retirement in 1597. In the 17th century with following the building of the castle, the Schloßwirtschaft (castle restaurant) provided catering to workers and servants. Following the opening of a castle brewery as well as the introduction of a railway link to Landshut, Schloßwirtschaft Oberschleißheim also became better known outside the its castle walls. In 1912 a nearby airport was built and Schloßwirtschaft became a regular meeting place for pilots.'''
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Although the brewery does does no longer exist, Schloßwirtschaft Oberschleißheim maintains their the tradition of serving their own staff. The approximately 1,000 seats in the beer garden are well shaded by a dense cluster of chestnut trees. The serviced area on the terrace has less charming plastic chairs and sun umbrellas. The food stalls in the self service area offer offers typical Bavarian cold and hot meals. The [[Hofbraü]] beer costs €6.40 p/[[Maß]].
The beer gardens offers a view of the main castle building, which is especially picturesque during the evenings hours when the sundown lights up the facade into a golden yellow.

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