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Bräustüberl Weihenstephan

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'''Bräustüberl Weihenstephan and beer garden is located on a hilltop next to the Weihenstephan Breweryin Freising, 43km north of Munich. The beer garden offers views of the sourrunding area.''' <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="padding-bottom:6px;"><tr><td colspan="3" style="padding-bottom:6px;">[[File:Braeustueberl Weihenstephan 001.jpg|600px]]</td></tr><tr><td align="left">[[File:Braeustueberl Weihenstephan 003.jpg|196px|none]]</td><td align="center">[[File:Braeustueberl Weihenstephan 008.jpg|196px|none]]</td><td align="right">[[File:Braeustueberl Weihenstephan 004.jpg|196px|none]]</td></tr></table> 
Weihenstephan is the oldest brewery in the world. In year 725 the Benediktiner Monestary was founded on the hilltop. The monks invented the brewing of beer and in 1040 the Klosterbrauerei Weihenstephan was officially opened. During the next 1000 years the monastery went throught difficult times. Weihenstephan was ran over and destroyed many times by the Swedes, French and Austrians. Besides that, the monestary brurnt down completely four times. A heavy earthquake in 1348 and three plague epedemics did not make the monks give up. Unfortunately, in 1803 the monestery was closed and all the interiors and rights went into the hands of the state of Bavaria. However, the brewery was under the rule of the Royal Staatsgut Schleißheim (Munich) and could therefore continue. In 1852 the Bavarian Brewery School moved from Schleißheim to Weihenstephan where the art of brewing is still tought. The location is today the centre of the brewing technology in Germany and worlwide.
Bräustüberl Weihenstephan offers ??13?? types of beer. A Maß Helles costs €5.80.
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