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Erdinger Weißbiergarten

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The small beer garden has 250 seats shaded by large chestnut trees. The self service area and the serviced area are divided by a small wooden garden fence. The food stalls in the self serviced area are not always open. At such times guests seated at the non-serviced tables can still order their beer (and food) via the waitress in the serviced area for the same price as normally charged at the food stall of the self-service area.
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The Erdinger Weißbiergarten is open daily from 5pm until 11pm and on weekends from 4pm.
The [[Erdinger]] Weißbier selection include the standard, dark, light and old Bavarian style “Urweisse” variety. A standard Weißbier glass containes ½ litre and costs €2€3.8520. A litre Weißbier in a normal Maßkrug is €6.40 (but this is not a Bavarian style of drining a Weißbier!). Additionally, a Maß Augustiner Helles (lager) costs 6.70 and a Maß Fischer Helles costs €6.6020.
'''Erdinger Weißbiergarten'''<br>
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