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Waldheim Gräfelfing

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'''Waldheim Gräfelfing is located in a nature protection area in the Gräfelfing district west of Munich. The beer garden is best reached by bike through the forest and is a popular meeting point place for families and locals from the surrounding area.'''
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Waldheim Gräfelfing is managed by Der Evangelische Handwerker-Verein München (The Munich Evangelic Handicraftsman Association) which was founded in 1848. The organisation has the aim to recruit members with a interest in religion and handicraft. The old building with a restaurant dates back to 1924.
The beer garden has 450 seats and is surrounded by nature. Additionally, there is a football field, a summer curling lane, a bowling alley as well as a crossbow shooting range within the grounds. The beer served is [[Spaten ]] and [[Franziskaner ]] Weißbier(Bavarian wheat bear).
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