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'''Cirkuswiese is one of the less busy a small beer gardens garden in Munich, situated next to the “Wiesn” where the Oktoberfest takes place. The beer garden is part of the [[Hacker-Pschorr]] Bräuhaus which operates a beer hall, restaurant and a “[[Wirtsgarten]]” situated over the road.'''
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After many years of neglect, Cirkuswiese was reopened in 2016 by the new innkeeper Robert Kneidl, a fisherman from Austria. While the original self-service building is as of 2016 still in need of renovation, a mobile food stall has been placed in the beer garden.
Food offered include [[Steckerlfisch]] (fish on a stick), such as trout, char, salmon trout, zander, mackerel. Additionally,

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