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The Max Emanuel Brauerei was established about 125 years ago in the Maxvorstadt district in central Munich. While the original brewery is no longer in operation, the adjoining beer garden still exists and the building where the brewery once stood now serves as a restaurant and bar.

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The beer garden is well-shaded by chestnut trees enclosed between old-style inner-city apartment buildings. There are 750 seats of which about half are self-serviced where guests can bring and consume their own food according to Bavarian beer garden tradition.

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A special table for up to 20 people can be reserved where guests can pour beer from their own barrel. Only the amount consumed will be charged according to a measuring device attached to the barrel (minimum 15 litres). The Löwenbräu Helles (lager) is €7.80 p/Maß (May 2016).

The beer garden is open daily from April until October between 11am and 11pm.

Max Emanuel Brauerei
Adalbertstr. 33
Munich (Maxvorstadt)

Tel: +49-(0)89-2715158

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