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The Alte Villa Biergarten is located at an old Bavarian villa by the Ammersee, south west of Munich. The beer served is König Ludwig Helles (light), Dunkel (dark) and Weißbier (wheat beer) by the Kaltenberg brewery. The beer garden has 800 seats and on warm summer days there are live jazz or dixie bands performing.

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A Kaltenberg Hell costs €6.90 p/Maß (Juli 2016), on days with live music €1 more.

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If travelling by S-Bahn to Herrsching at Ammersee, the Alte Villa can be reached by a boat ride across the lake to stopping directly in Utting village. Visit for more information.

Alte Villa Biergarten
Seestr. 32
86919 Utting am Ammersee

Tel:+49-(0)8806 534456

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