Paulaner Bräuhaus

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'''The Paulaner Bräuhaus beer garden with 800 seats is located behind the first ever Paulaner Bräuhaus. Most of the self serviced tables are unfortunately close to a noisy road, while a part of the quieter serviced area includes a section with lounge chairs and tables that simply do not fit into a traditional beer garden. That said, especially the [[Weißbier]] served here is excellent and the adjoining beer hall where beer is brewed on location since 1889 and served fresh from the tap makes up for a less than perfect beer garden location.'''
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Types of beer served in the beer garden are the same as those offered in the adjoining beer hall which include a regular light and dark beer and Weißbier. Additionally, there are five seasonal beers so make sure to check what's on offer when visiting. A [[Paulaner]] Hell costs €7€8.5020/[[Maß]] (April 2013June 2017). Major football tournaments are shown on screens in the beer hall and/or the beer garden. Guided tours of the brewery with beer tasting for groups of minimum 15 people are available by prior arrangement. The beer can also be taken home in 2-litre bottles <!--at a price of €17.50 (April 2011)-->. According to Bavarian tradition the bottles can be refilled whenever you visit again. <!-- A refill costs €5.90 p/litre (April 2011).-->
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Paulaner Bräuhaus
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