Chinesischer Turm

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'''The beer garden Chinesischer Turm is located in the English Garden (Englischer Garten), Munich's largest leisure park. With a size of 417ha, the English Garden is larger than Hyde Park in London or Central Park in New York. Due to its close distance to the university, the beer garden attracts a young crowd mixed with people visiting the park including many tourists.'''
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In 1789, Great Elector Karl Theodor initiated the English Garden with his plan to convert a former hunting area located at the Isar into a park area. In 1790 the Chinese Tower (Chinesischer Turm) was built. The Chinese Tower is a pagoda style, all-wooden tower with five storeys. The 25-metre tall tower has a diameter of 19 metres at ground level and 6 metres at the top. The Chinese Tower was destroyed during World War II in 1944. In 1952 the tower was rebuilt to its original and current style.