Pe. Es. Kottmeier

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Pe. Es. Kottmeier is located in the Munich district Planegg, south west of the city centre. The beer garden is well shaded below a canopy of chestnut trees and enclosed between the restaurant building on one side and the river Würm on the other.

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The best tables by the river front are serviced tables only. The self service area is next to an old log cabin, which can also be rented for special functions. The beer garden differentiates itself from other beer gardens by offering not only traditional Bavarian meals but also variety of gourmet dishes on the day menu. A Maß Ayinger Export costs €6.20. A hot drinks stall offers various coffee creations. For the non-beer drinkers, wine and even Champagne can be bought in the beer garden.

The beer garden is open when the weather is good from noon until 1am.

Pe. Es. Kottmeier
Bräuhausstraße 18
82152 Planegg

Tel: +49-(0)89-89930030