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The Gut Keferloh beer garden is located in Grasbrunn, only 15 kilometres east of Munich city centre. The beer garden with courtyard character stands on the grounds of a former Gutshof and is enclosed by old buildings. The beer garden is a favourite stop amongst bicyclers and weekend trippers.

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The self-serviced area has about ... seats on traditional beer garden tables and benches. Guests can enjoy a cool Maß in the shade of chestnut trees and occasional sun umbrellas. A Maß Hell (lager) from Paulaner costs €.... (June 2012). The food stalls offer typical beer garden meals, such as spareribs, Obatzda, Leberkäs (meat loaf), Würstl (sausages) and Steckerlfisch (grilled fish on a stick), but also modern food such as fish fingers, chicken nuggets and genuine Italian pizza, prepared by a Naples-born pizza baker in a real pizza oven.

The serviced terrace next to the restaurant building has about ... seats under a large sun blind. The restaurant kitchen, which is separate from the self-serviced kitchen, serves higher quality meals than what is offered at the self-serviced food stalls.

From February to December an antique market takes place in the beer garden on every first Sunday of the month. Regular music events on public holidays and weekends entertain guests.

The Gut Keferloh beer garden is open from ... to ... between ... and ... .

Gut Keferloh
Keferloh 2
85630 Grasbrunn

Tel: +49-(0)89-465248

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