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Forsthaus St. Hubertus is located in midst of the Ebersberger Forst (forest) about 35km east of central Munich. While the full history of this location is not entirely known, a few remaining government archives suggests that the building dates back to at least 1885 when it served as the residence and workstation to the forest warden of the area. In 1955 the private brewery Schweiger began to deliver beer to Forsthaus St. Hubertus and in 1978 the brewery took over the management of the property which ultimately belongs to the German government.

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The last forest warden worked at the location until 1979. The property has since then been used as a restaurant and beer garden. In recent years, Forsthaus St. Hubertus was poorly managed and unmaintained by various leaseholders. However, in 2010 the new leaseholders, Heidi Hanrieder and Adi Warte, relaunched the beer garden and restaurant after extensive renovation. The 2-storey restaurant building has been completely refurbished and tastefully decorated into an ideal venue for small private functions in a homely atmosphere.

The kitchens of the restaurant and self-service food stall have been completely replaced and modernised. Forsthaus St. Hubertus specialises in traditional Bavarian cuisine and all meals are prepared daily using fresh organically grown ingredients from surrounding farmlands. Occasionally wild game from the Ebersberger Forst, such as deer or boar, is available the menu.

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The beer garden has 400 seats in the self-serviced area partly shaded by chestnut and other trees. The food stall offers regular beer garden meals as well as homemade cake and ice-cream. All hot meals are prepared individually at the time of order and the cook will ring a bell when the meal is ready. Even the country potatoes get their golden colour in a real oven since deep fryers and microwaves are banned! The Schweiger Helles (lager) and Weißbier (wheat bear) served from the tap are brewed using organically certified ingredients. A Maß of Schweiger Helles costs €6.20.

The beer garden is open depending on the weather from mid-April until end of September, Wednesday to Saturday from noon and on Sundays and public holidays from 11am. The restaurant and beer garden is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Forsthaus St. Hubertus
St. Hubertus 1
85560 Ebersberg

Tel: +49-(0)8092-852200