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'''The following links are automatically imported via a current Google News search for articles containing the words “Munich beer gardens”. Please note that Woot, I will certailny put this is computer generated list and some irrelevant result will therefore most likely be included amongst the list of links.''' <rss>|short|date|max=20</rss> === Beer garden weather forecast for the Munich area === The self service area and food stalls in most beer gardens do not open during bad weather. After all, who wants to go to the beer garden when it's raining? Below is a Munich weather forecast for the next three days. <accuweather zipcode="EUR|DE|GM002|MUNICH"></accuweather> <good use!--Almost all beer gardens are closed during the winter months. So when exactly does the beer garden season begin and end? It depends on the weather, but usually the season lasts from May or June until the end of September or October.--> ---- [[de:News und Events]]
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