Wirtshaus Zamdorfer

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Wirtshaus Zamdorfer has existed since 1928 and is a traditional and friendly neighbourhood beer garden where most guests are regulars from around the Bogenhausen area.

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The beer garden is partly shaded by chestnut trees and sun umbrellas. The serviced and self-serviced area us divided equally with about 250 seats p/section. The restaurant as well as the self-service canteen offers Bavarian specialities prepeared by the one and same kitchen. The Spaten Hell (lager) served from the tap is sold at €6.10 p/Maß and the Weißbier sold is Franziskaner.

The self-service stall of the beer garden opens at 5pm everyday and closes at 11pm sharp. The restaurant is open between 11am and 1am everyday. Before 5pm guests of the self-serviced area can fetch their beer from inside the reastaurant building.

Wirtshaus Zamdorfer
Schwarzwaldstraße 2a
81677 Munich (Bogenhausen)

Tel: +49-(0)89-916921