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In German language, a “wirtsgarten” is a waitress serviced outdoors restaurant, usually below trees. Unlike a real Munich beer garden, a wirtsgarten does not include a self-serviced area and will not have tables or benches allocated to guests who may wish to bring their own picnic according to the Munich tradition.

Wirtsgarten 001.jpg

There are countless wirtsgarten's in and around the Munich area which advertise themselves as Biergarten's as the beer garden is a preferred concept. Wirtsgarten's masquerading as beer gardens are often be found in city guides and local as well as international media featuring the Munich lifestyle. Some local newspapers have even run regular competitions in which they not only allow wirtgarten's to enter as beer gardens but in which they awarded a wirtsgarten the best beer garden of the year price. This inevitably misleads many visitors wishing to experience a real Munich beer garden, instead finding themselves in a typical Wirtsgarten.