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* '''''July''''' - beer garden weekend with events organised by the [[Munich breweries|six main breweries of Munich]] ([[Augustiner]], [[Hacker-Pschorr]], [[Löwenbräu]], [[Hofbräu]], [[Paulaner]] and [[Spaten]]).
* '''''July''''' - beer garden weekend with events organised by the [[Munich breweries|six main breweries of Munich]] ([[Augustiner]], [[Hacker-Pschorr]], [[Löwenbräu]], [[Hofbräu]], [[Paulaner]] and [[Spaten]]).
* 200 years beer garden will also be a theme on the Frühlingsfest (spring festival), Brauereitag (brewery day), Hofbräu-Dult and Oktoberfest.<br><br>
* 200 years beer garden will also be a theme on the Frühlingsfest (spring festival), Brauertag (brewery day), Hofbräu-Dult and Oktoberfest.<br><br>
== Google News ==
== Google News ==

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Various beer garden news including dates of forthcoming events held at individual beer gardens can be published here. If you are organising an event or know about an event in a Munich beer garden that should not be missed, please add your information in this section.

  • 200 Years Beer Garden Anniversary - on the 4th of January 1812, an edict was issued by King of Bavaria Max I. to permit all breweries to sell beer straight out of their storage cellars. On the 4th of January 2012, the existence of the Bavarian beer garden celebrated its 200th birthday.
  • 200 years beer garden will also be a theme on the Frühlingsfest (spring festival), Brauertag (brewery day), Hofbräu-Dult and Oktoberfest.

Google News

The below links are automatically imported via a current Google News search for “Munich beer gardens”. Note that this is computer generated list and some irrelevant result will therefore likely be included amongst the links.

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Scaled-down Oktoberfest goes ahead at Munich pubs under shadow of coronavirus - ABC News
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Brewery wins coveted ‘Munich’ status for first time in a century - INQUIRER.net
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Coronavirus: Germany's beer capital Munich to ban alcohol if cases rise - DW (English)
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Beer garden season 2012

Almost all beer gardens are closed during the winter months. So when exactly does the beer garden season begin and end? It depends on the weather, but usually the season begins in May or June and lasts until the end of September or October. Generally speaking, the beginning of the Oktoberfest marks the end of the beer garden season.

Beer garden weather forecast for the Munich area

The self service area and food stalls in most beer gardens do not open during bad weather. After all, who wants sit in the beer garden when it's raining?

Hirschgarten 029.jpg

Below is a Munich weather forecast for the next three days.

<accuweather zipcode="EUR|DE|GM002|MUNICH"></accuweather>